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How to Properly Store Wines

Some Helpful Hints on Storage of Wines

Keep it in the dark

UV Rays can cause damage to its flavor and odor. Keeping bottles in an environment of approximately 70% humidity minimizes evaporation and keeps the corks moist.

Storing on their side keeps the corks wet and prevents shrinking which allows air into the bottle and stimulates oxidation.

 Regulate the Temperature

Too Hot – the wine will oxidize too quickly any temperature above 24C or 75F will spoil the wine

Too Cold – wine will not age properly. Optimum temperature is  20 C or 68F

Tempearture should not fluctuate more than

2-3 degrees daily.

Serving Wines

Before Serving, bring the wines to tempearture.

Reds are best served between

11c- 53f and 20c – 68f

Whites and Rose’s are best served between

 7c – 44f and 14c - 57f

Sparkling Wines are best served between

 3c – 38f and 7c – 45f

Helpful Hints

Do not store evey bottle you purchase. Many new and inexpensive wines will not improve with age. When in doubt contact the winery and ask if the wine can be stored.

Generally, high quality reds can be stored from 2 to 10 years. Whites bewteen 2 and 3 years.

Do not store the wines with other flavors such as garlic, spices and the like. You will run the risk of absorbtion of these odors to your wine.

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